Martyna Kielesińska
born in 1991 in Kielce, Poland



Martyna Kielesińska is a visual artist. She deals with imitations, duplicated things, detached gestures. She is fascinated by reconstructing situation. Lives and works in Cracow, PL.



10.2011-05.2017- Academy of Fine Art in Cracow, Faculty of Painting

10.2012-06.2013 – Academy of Fine Art in Cracow, Faculty of Intermedia

10.2014-02.2015 – Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, student exchange, Faculty of Painting

10.2015-02.2016 – Berlin University of The Arts, Hito Steyerl Class

06.2016 – SEJSMOGRAF 1, An art program for young artists generation, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art Cracow


17.06.2019 – currently MONKEY-RAT, Gallery of Fine Arts Katowice, Rondo Art

31.12.2018-2019 NOW! Jak zapomnieć, Cracow

13 – 16.12.2018 APPETITE, Al. Ujazdowskie 8, Warsaw

 14.11.2018 – 30.01.2019 SHADOW OF FREEDOM, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice, main Gallery

24 – 27.10.2018 FONOMO, The Municipal Gallery BWA in Bydgoszcz

12 – 21.10.2018 KRAKOW’S ARTS SALON, the Palace of Fine Arts, Cracow

27.07.2018 – 02.09.2019 Stand-Off, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice, main gallery curated by Marta Lisok

27.04.2018-03.06.2018 ​ All That’s Left Is A Hangover That Won’t Go Away,​ Gdańsk City Gallery 1. Curated by Gabriela Warzycka- Tutak Piotr Policht

13.04.2018-24.07.2018 ​ Domestic Animals​, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art Cracow. Curated by Marta Lisok

13.04.2018-16.06.2018 ​ Communication with Everything That Is​ , The Stefan Gierowski Foundation, Warsaw. Curated by Cyryl Polaczek, ​ Yui Akiyama

07.2017 ​ Best Diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts 2017,​ the Armoury of Arts, Gdańsk

06.2017 ​ NO PROBLEM​, Potencja Gallery, Artist-run Space, Cracow

04.2017 ​ Procedures Of Everyday Practice, ​“Limited Access 7​ International Festival for Moving Images, Sound & Performance, Teheran, Iran

02.2017 ​ Laughter Worth​, Zona Sztuki Aktualnej Gallery, Szczecin

09.2016 ​ Toxicity​,​ ​ Oficyna, Poznań

05.2016​ Freiera​, LAVRA Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

04.2016 ​ Satyna|To attract, one must bare their satin side​, part of The Cracow Gallery Weekend KRAKERS 2016

07.2015 ​ We Watch The Youtube​,​ ​ 404 Gallery/ Workshop, Cracow


06.2015 ​ I’m Going To The Internet​, 404 Gallery/ Workshop, Cracow


09.2018 There is nothing to be worried about,BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice, curated by Marta Lisok

07.2018 ​ Everything Looks Completely Different From The Outside, ​ Wozownia Art Gallery, Toruń. Curated by Natalia Cieślik

12.2016 ​ Evergreen,​ Henryk Gallery, Cracow,

06.2015 ​ Komputer/dysk lokalny(K)/nowy folder (2) /torrenty/gify/hjjghjgk
Małopolska Garden of the Arts, Cracow,​ curated by Anna Bas

04.2015 ​ Peans and Roses​, part of The Cracow Gallery Weekend KRAKERS 2015, Onamato Gallery


2018 ​ Creative Scholarships of the City of Cracow